One on One with Michael Going
A Very Unique Altered Polaroid SX-70 Workshop

"Michael Going, the master of the manipulated Polaroid" -Photo District News

One on One is a totally unique experience designed to your level - from beginner to experienced
The workshop begins with a pre-consultation to determine your needs and goals.
Your workshop schedule is completely one on one with Michael Going.
It is intense, casual and fun. One on One gives you 24 years of Michael Going's professional experiences. It will motivate, stimulate, inspire and RAISE your level of expertise. Also included: post-workshop consultation.

"In the history of SX-70 photography, it would be hard - if not impossible - to find a photographer who has had more impact or success
than Michael Going." Polaroid Pro Notes

"Going works wonders with Polaroid" -Sports Illustrated Magazine

One on One is all of this and more....
•Alteration Techniques
• Portfolio critique
•Tips, tricks, secrets and keys to success
• Classical Composition with the SX-70
•  Alteration-equipment and professional tools
• Using the SX-70: camera basics to advanced
• Special accessories for adapting the SX-70 to expand its limits
• Lighting Techniques and Time Zero Film
•  Making enlargements from Time Zero Film
• Dealing with the Business of Photography
• Location shoot- coached by Michael Going

"He works on Polaroids, to the point where they shimmer. To the point where, at first glance, one has to wonder if they're paintings or photographs" -Communication Arts Magazine

One on One runs about 6 hours and is held in Los Angeles
student supplies own film & camera and is responsible for location incidentals (food, refreshments)
Fees: $800.00 (payable three weeks in advance)
All payments are final-you can reschedule without additional fees

Your enrollment will be promptly acknowledged by email at which time a telephone conference will be set up. This pre-consultation will be an in depth conversation to design the workshop to accomplish your goals. Details of time, place, etc. will be arranged at this time.

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